GIAN Courses

S.No. Course No. Name of the course &
Course coordinator Expert Faculty Course dates Status
1 191008F01 The Cultures of Resource Extraction: Past, Present, and Future Dr. Aalok Khandekar Dr. Imre Szeman, University of Waterloo,Canada 2020-06-29 To 2020-07-03 Approved by APEX Body
2 191008F02 Artificial Intelligence and Economics K. P. Prabheesh Dr Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan,University of Washington Seattle 2020-12-01 To 2020-12-05 Approved by APEX Body
3 191008G01 Artificial Neural Networks Modeling on Processing of Metals and Composites Dr.Bharat B. Panigrahi Dr. N. S. Reddy,Gyeongsang National University, Korea 2020-12-14 To 2020-12-18 Approved by APEX Body
4 191008C01 Sustainable Environmnetal Engineering Dr. B. Munwar Basha Prof. Rao Y. Surampalli, Academician, 2020-06-08 To 2020-06-19 Approved by Chairman,Sectional Committee
5   Capillarity In Porous Media At Different Scales Dr.Seetha N S. Majid Hassanizadeh
Environmental Hydrogeology Group
2020-06-15 To 2020-06-19 Course Uploaded
6   Scientific Writing and Ethics Dr.Seetha N Prof.Markus Flury,
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences,
Washington State University,
2020-07-13 To 2020-07-17 Course Uploaded
7   Nonlinear Dynamics and Time-Delay Systems Dr.Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani, Dr. Tamas Kalmar-Nagy,
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
2020-06-01 To 2020-06-10 Course Uploaded
8   Homological Algebra Dr. Neeraj Kumar Prof.Srikanth B Iyengar,
Dept of Mathematics, University of Utah
2020-06-17 To 2020-06-26 Course Uploaded
9   Machine Learning & AI Applied to Radar Systems Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Amit Kumar Mishra,
University of Cape Town
2020-02-03 To 2020-02-07 Course Uploaded
10   Theory And Analysis Of Laminated Composite Structures Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal Prof. J N Reddy, Texas A&M University,
College of statin, Texas
2020-12-14 To 2020-12-18 Course Uploaded
11   Advanced Machine Learning: Theory and Applications: Mathematics Dr. C S Sastry Prof.Venkateswararao Vemuri,
University of california,
, Davis,USA
2020-10-12 To 2020-10-16 Course Uploaded
12   Forensics And Failure Case Studies In Civil Engineering Education Dr. MK Madhavan Professor Lau Hieng Ho, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 2020-06-16 To 2020-06-25 Course Uploaded
13   Design In Cold Formed Steel: Using The North American Specification Dr. MK Madhavan Professor Lau Hieng Ho, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 2020-05-16 To 2020-05-25 Course Uploaded
14   Operation, maintenance and design of fluidized bed boilers Dr.Kishalay Mitra Prof. Prabir Basu, U Dalhousie University, Canada 2020-10-26 To 2020-11-06 Course Uploaded
15   Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured and Related Materials: Fundamentals and Beyond Dr. Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee Prof.Nobuhiro Tsuji, Kyoto University, Japan 2020-12-14 To 2020-12-18 Course Uploaded
16   Dark matter and Higgs bosons beyond Standard Model at the Era of LHC: Physics Dr.Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay Prof. Eung Jin Chun, Korea Institute of Advanced Study, Seoul, South Korea 2020-05-07 To 2020-05-16 Course Uploaded
17   Functional Equations and their Applications: Mathematics Dr.Balasubramaniam Jayaram Prof. Michal Baczynski, University of Silesia In Katowice,Poland 2020-08-24 To 2020-08-29 Course Uploaded
18   Fundamentals of Aero Acoustics and its applications to transportation: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Prof. B. Venkatesham Prof. Phillip Joseph, : Institute of Sound and Vibration research (ISVR), University of Southampton, UK 2020-06-29 To 2020-07-03 Course Uploaded
19   Acoustic Sources with Application to Electrical Vehicle Components: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Prof.B.Venkatesham Dr.Rajendra Singh,The Ohio State University 2020-06-01 To 2020-06-05 Course Uploaded
20   DYNAMICS OF MEMS Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani Prof: Eihab Abdel-Rahman,Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada 2020-06-22 To 2020-06-26 Course Uploaded
21   Materials Data Science and Materials Informatics: Applications in Microstructural Design of Materials: Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Dr.Saswata Bhattacharya Prof. Surya R. Kalidindi,Regents’ Professor, Georgia Tech, USA 2020-07-27 To 2020-08-07 Course Uploaded
22   Thin film Technology for Micro/Nano fabrication of Devices Dr.Ranjith Ramadurai Prof.PRELLIER Wilfrid, : LABORATOIRE CRISMAT CNRS ENSICAEN 6 Bd du Maréchal Juin 14050 CAEN 2020-07-01 To 2020-07-11 Course Uploaded
23   Microbiology for Environmental Engineers and Scientists with Emphasis on Biological Wastewater Treatment: Civil Engineerng Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya Prof.Futoshi Kurisu,The University of Tokyo,JAPAN 2020-06-15 To 2020-06-20 Course Uploaded
24   Alternative Cements: Linking Material Properties, Microstructure, and Durability Dr. Kolluru V.L. Subramaniam Prof.Prannoy Suraneni, University of Miami 2020-07-13 To 2020-07-21 Course Uploaded
25   Wettability: physics, nature inspirations, strategies, and applications Dr.Mudrika Khandelwal & Dr. Atul S. Deshpande Dr. Sushanta Mitra,University of Waterloo, Canada 2020-12-21 To 2020-12-25 Course Uploaded
26   AMechanics of Composite Interfaces: Controlling Material Behavior at the Nanoscale Dr. Bharat B. Panigrahi Prof.Raman P.Singh,Oklahoma State University 2020-08-24 To 2020-08-28 Course Uploaded
27   Process Retrofitting And Revamping: Techniques And Applications For Improving Energy Efficiency Dr.Kishalay Mitra Prof. Gade {amdi Rangaiah, National University of Singapore 2020-08-17 To 2020-08-21 Course Uploaded
28   Fundamentals of Nanoscale Optical Phenomena Dr. Emani Naresh Kumar Dr.Ramon-Paniagua Dominguez,A*STAR, Singapore 2020-06-22 To 2020-06-26 Course Uploaded
29   Introduction to Non-hermitian and Quantum Photonics Dr. Emani Naresh Kumar Dr. Gururaj V Naik, Rice University, Houston, TX, USA 2020-06-22 To 2020-06-26 Course uploaded
30   Media Anthropology: An ethnographic approach to the world of media Dr.Haripriya Narasimhan Dr.Tejaswini Ganti, Department of Anthropology, New York University 2020-07-20 To 2020-07-24 Course Uploaded