NPTEL Courses

Information of the NPTEL Courses- IIT Hyderabad Faculty , from October 2021

Course   Name Faculty   Name Course Duration Link
Organ Printing Prof. Falguni Pati Jul-Sep 2023
Design of connections in steel structures Prof.   Anil Agarwal Aug-Sep 2023
Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Prof S. Suriya   Prakash Jul-Oct 2023
Deep Learning for Computer Vision Prof. Vineeth N   Balasubramanian Jul-Oct 2023
Computational Complexity Prof. Subrahmanyam   Kalyanasundaram Jul-Oct 2023
Theory of Computation Prof. Subrahmanyam   Kalyanasundaram Jan-Apr 2023
Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Prof. Naresh Kumar   Emani Jul-Oct 2023
Fundamentals of Nano and Quantum Photonics Prof. Naresh Kumar   Emani Jul-Oct 2023
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) Prof. Shiva Ji Jan-Apr 2023
Organizational Behaviour Prof. M. P. Ganesh Jul-Oct 2023
Approximate Reasoning using Fuzzy Set Theory Prof. Balasubramaniam   Jayaram Jul-Oct 2023
Operator Theory Prof. G. Ramesh Jul-Oct 2022
Interfacial Fluid Mechanics Prof. Harish N Dixit Jul-Oct 2023
Sustainable Energy Technology Dr. Sayak Banerjee Jul-Oct 2023
Thermodynamics And Kinetics Of Materials Prof. Saswata   Bhattacharya Jul-Oct 2023
Introduction to Classical Mechanics Prof. Anurag Tripathi Jul-Oct 2023
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory(Theory of Scalar Fields) Prof. Anurag Tripathi Jul-Oct 2023
Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (Theory of Scalar Fields) -   Part 2 Prof. Anurag Tripathi Jan-Apr 2023
Strategies for Sustainable Design Prof.   Shiva Ji Jan-Apr 2023