Workshop on Semiconductor Materials and Devices

India is envisioned to become a global hub for Semiconductor Systems and Manufacturing. While steps are being taken toward the establishment of industries, it is essential to develop expertise and skills in the field of semiconductors. For example, specialized programs on Semiconductor Materials and Devices, IC manufacturing and design, etc., are of paramount importance to meet the technological growth and demands both nationally and globally. In this regard, we would like to nurture and motivate enthusiastic bright candidates in this emerging field through a one-day workshop. Herein, we will discuss different topics including the computational methodology of estimating point defect formation energy in solid semiconductor materials using density functional theory, interface defects in semiconductor heterostructures, principles underlying a TCAD tool, printed electronics and thin film technology in semiconductor devices.

Important Dates

Last date for Registration is 29th September, 2023 by 8:00 PM IST

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