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HySci 2024

Experience HySci 2024

In the dynamic landscape of scientific exploration, Hyderabad stands as an illustrious hub, renowned as the "Drug Capital of India " and the "Vaccine Capital of the World ". Embracing this legacy, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad  takes pride in organizing the HySci Conference in 2024, an event that continues to propel the city's scientific discourse to new heights.

Born from the collaborative efforts of students, the HySci Conference has evolved into a hallmark event. Initiated by CCMB in 2019, followed by CDFD in 2022, and rejuvenated by NIAB in 2023, HySci has become a beacon for scientific minds in biological domain. In 2024, IIT Hyderabad assumes the responsibility to orchestrate an event that promises to surpass its predecessors in substance and significance. 

True to its roots, HySci remains a conference for the students, by the students. It serves as a melting pot of scientific ideas, bringing together the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds to share visions and discoveries. Through forums like flash talks, oral and poster presentations, and engaging discussions with distinguished experts, HySci 2024 provides a platform for the exchange of novel research ideas and insights into diverse career choices in the scientific realm.

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