Animal Models in Medical Research: (BT6063)

Faculty Name: Dr. Anamika Bhargava
Course Period: 15th Mar to 26th Apr 2024 ()
Number of Credits: 1 credit
Course Contents: Animal Models in Medical Research
What you'll learn: This course will provide the student an overview of the use of animals in scientific research to investigate human biology and disease. The primary goal is to equip the students with the knowledge of how to choose an animal model, development of animal models, considerations while researching with animal models.
  • Various animal models and their advantages and disadvantages. How to choose animal models etc
  • Animal research in medicine: modelling heart damage, modelling cancer and identifying targets.
  • Upcoming vertebrate animal model: zebrafish.
  • Practical session using animal model zebrafish.
  • About the Instructor: Dr. Anamika Bhargava
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    Fundamental understanding of biology and hold a bachelor's degree in biology or related disciplines.
    Assessment may consist of assignments &/or quizzes &/viva &/or exams.
    Fee: Rs.5,000/- Plus GST
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