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Faculty Name: Dr. Ashok Kamaraj
Course Period: 31st July to 30th November 2023 (Monday 11:00AM to 11:55AM; Wednesday 10:00AM to 10:55AM; Thursday 9:00AM to 9:55AM)
Number of Credits: 3 credits
Course Contents: Basics of physical separation techniques, process thermodynamics: introduction to thermodynamic laws, thermochemistry, construction and analysis of process important diagrams such as Ellingham, predominance area, and Eh-pH diagram, solution thermodynamics, thermodynamics of aqueous solution, structure and properties of melts such as aqueous solution, molten metal and slags. Reaction and process kinetics: gas-solid, solid-liquid and liquid-liquid reactions, concepts of reactor design. Introduction to life cycle analysis and sustainability of processes, introduction of software such as Thermocalc and FactSage for process simulation.
What you'll learn/ Learning Outcomes: This course imparts basic and advanced knowledge of metallurgical processes related to metal extraction and recycling. At the end of the course, one can able to apply the fundamental knowledge for detailed and critical thermodynamic, kinetic, and life cycle evaluation of the metallurgical processes.
About the Instructor: Dr. Ashok has over a decade of experience in process modeling, simulation, metal extraction, and recycling. Recent highlights of his research work are demystifying the shape effect of BOF on the tapping process, developing a hot model to simulate continuous casting in-mold phenomena, indigenizing technologies for cannon liner steel, and hydrogen standard (CRM) in steel. He was conferred Young Metallurgist (Metal Science) Award by the Ministry of Steel (GoI) in 2021. He is presently one of the editors of IIM Metals News.
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Registrants must be any one of the following categories:
  • Students: Pursuing 3rd/4th-year B.E., /B.Tech., or M.E., /M.Tech., in Metallurgy/Materials engineering/Materials Science/Chemical/Mechanical/Production or other allied disciplines.
  • Researchers/faculties from R&D labs, national laboratories, engineering colleges, etc.
  • Working professionals/Engineers/practitioners/Researchers in, steel plants & iron/steel foundries, non-ferrous extraction plants (Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, etc.), mineral processing, metallurgical waste processing sectors, etc.
Course Assessment: Assessment may consist of assignments &/or quizzes &/viva &/or exams.
Fee: Rs.30,000/- Plus GST
Note: The payment link will be shared only with the shortlisted candidates by email

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