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Faculty Name: Dr. Ashok Kamaraj
Course Period: 01st Jan to 30th Apr 2024 ()
Number of Credits: 3 credits
Course Contents: Introduction to process thermodynamics, process kinetics and process modelling of unit processes, Introduction to BF ironmaking & BOF/EAF/IF steelmaking. Detail discussion/calculations on cleanliness control during tapping, ladle metallurgy, teeming, tundish metallurgy, mould and continuous casting. Inclusion Engineering: Injection metallurgy (Ca, RE, Te and Se treatment), Inclusion control in re-sulphur, tier cord, ball bearing, pipe-line, spring and stainless steels, control of spinel inclusions in steel, transformation of inclusions during solid state heat treatment in AHSS. Inclusion characterization: Rating, OM, SEM, EPMA & ASCAT. Inclusion control through re-melting (ESR, & VAR) and other technologies (CAS-OB, IRUT, VAD processes; AOD/NOD, and VOD)
What you'll learn: This course will discuss in detail the practices and technologies to control the transfer/refining operations, removal and evolution of inclusions and its control via., inclusion engineering approach. Special emphasize will be given to making of inclusion special steels for critical applications. This course will impart necessary knowledge and skills on process calculations and control to produce clean steels.
About the Instructor: Dr. Ashok has over a decade of experience in process modeling, simulation, metal extraction, and recycling. Recent highlights of his research work are demystifying the shape effect of BOF on the tapping process, developing a hot model to simulate continuous casting in-mold phenomena, indigenizing technologies for cannon liner steel, and hydrogen standard (CRM) in steel. He was conferred Young Metallurgist (Metal Science) Award by the Ministry of Steel (GoI) in 2021. He is presently one of the editors of IIM Metals News.
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Course Assessment: Assessment may consist of assignments &/or quizzes &/viva &/or exams.
Fee: Rs.15,000/- Plus GST
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