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Faculty Name: Prof. Naresh Kumar Emani
Course Period: 31st July 2023 to 16th October 2023 (Monday 9:00AM to 10:00AM; Wednesday 11:00AM to 12:00PM; Thursday 10:00AM to 11:00AM)
Number of Credits: 2 credits
Course Contents:
  • Overview; Design abstraction levels; MOSFET device SPICE model; transistor scaling design rules; timing and power considerations in design
  • CMOS Inverter - Static and dynamic response, threshold, noise margin; propagation delay, parasitic capacitance estimation; static and dynamic power consumption; SPICE analysis; inverter layout
  • Combinatorial logic design in CMOS; Ratioed logic; Pass transistor logic; Introduction to Dynamic CMOS design
  • Introduction to sequential logic circuits; latches and registers - static and dynamic response; Pipelining
  • Designing arithmetic building blocks; Datapaths in digital processor architecture; Adder; Multiplier; Shifter; Other arithmetic operations
  • Memory - Volatile vs. Non-volatile memories; SRAM and DRAM
What you'll learn: This course will introduce the students to the design of digital integrated circuits. The students will become familiar with the various design considerations for the operation of digital integrated circuits.
About the Instructor: Prof. Naresh Kumar Emani's research interest spans Nanophotonics, Photovoltaics, Optoelectrical devices and Nanofabrication. He is interested in exploring novel phenomena in nano and micro-scale optics for next generation computing, renewable energy and environmental sensing
Instructor Profile
Familiarity with electronic devices(PN junction diode and MOSFETs) and basic circuit theory.
Assessment may consist of assignments &/or quizzes &/viva &/or exams.
Fee: Rs.20,000/- Plus GST
Note: The payment link will be shared only with the shortlisted candidates by email

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