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Faculty Name: Dr. Ashish Misra
Course Period: 01st Jan to 14th Mar 2024
Number of Credits: 2 credits
Course Contents: The course will focus on imparting in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of essential concepts in stem cell biology. Recently published research articles will be used as case reports to discuss ongoing advancements in the field and their applications for regenerative medicine.
What you'll learn: The course will help student develop an up-to-date, advanced understanding of the continually evolving field of stem cell biology and its application towards solving longstanding health problems.
About the Instructor: Dr. Ashish Misra is an Assistant professor in the BioTechnology department at IIT Hyderabad.
Instructor Profile
Prior knowledge of Biology at Undergraduate level
Course Assessment: Assessment may consist of assignments &/or quizzes &/viva &/or exams.
Fee: Rs.10,000/- Plus GST
Note: The payment link will be shared only with the shortlisted candidates by email

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