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CCE Office is relocated to Block-E, Ground floor, Convention Center building.
The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) aims to conduct training programs to students, academicians, and working professionals across the country. The young and energetic faculty of IIT Hyderabad are dedicated towards providing learning opportunities to the professional growth of interested participants. With a rapid rise in E-learning programs, CCE @ IIT Hyderabad is keeping abreast with the online programs that can facilitate learning of working professionals by meeting their work schedules.
Scope and functions

  • To conduct all academic outreach activities like Conferences, Workshops, Certificate Courses, Symposia, Short-term courses, Training programs, and other similar activities of the Institute.
  • To organize Faculty Development programs for faculty of various technical institutes of the country.
  • To conduct certificate courses in collaboration with industry and academia designed to provide specialized expertise/skill development in diverse fields.

Programme Information

Open to All Teaching
India needs skilled manpower to fuel its growth. Industry growth often suffers from the availability of quality manpower. Therefore, reskilling and upskilling of working professionals in new age technologies is critical for the success of the India’s growth story. In addition, many faculty and students in various colleges in India are looking for upgrading their knowledge in various subject areas. In this context, IIT Hyderabad would like to extend its excellent technical education beyond the four walls of its classroom in select courses. These courses will be offered in online mode (Live Streaming) wherein working professionals, faculty members and students from various colleges, can attend the courses remotely through online mode.
Certificate Courses
Embark on a journey of knowledge and skill acquisition with our Certificate Courses at IITH Hyderabad. Designed to provide specialized expertise in diverse fields, these programs offer hands-on learning and industry-relevant curriculum. Elevate your career prospects and expand your horizons with our prestigious certification.

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Message from Chairman

At the Centre for Continuing Education, IIT Hyderabad, we recognize the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and its profound impact on industries worldwide. Our commitment to continuing education has evolved in stride with these changes. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of knowledge cultivated at IIT Hyderabad, our courses integrate insights from core technical, managerial, and design disciplines, offering a truly interdisciplinary learning experience. With a focus on pedagogical rigor and excellence, we empower individuals to stay ahead in their careers by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today's competitive environment.

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