Welcome To The Centre for Continuing Education


The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) aims to conduct training programs to students, academicians, and working professionals across the country. The young and energetic faculty of IIT Hyderabad are dedicated towards providing learning opportunities to the professional growth of interested participants. With a rapid rise in E-learning programs, CCE @ IIT Hyderabad is keeping abreast with the online programs that can facilitate learning of working professionals by meeting their work schedules.

Scope and functions

  • To conduct all academic outreach activities like Conferences, Workshops, Certificate Courses, Symposia, Short-term courses, Training programs, and other similar activities of the Institute under the umbrella of the CCE.
  • To organize teacher training programs for faculty of engineering colleges.
  • To provide necessary logistics, and administrative support to run such programs.
  • To evolve a mechanism for self-sustainability in future.

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